Professional Learning


LIFE-VALO Learning Opportunities

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Niagara 4 Technical Certification Program – Level 1 – LIFE-VALO*-901

CCT 13/14/15 Basics Training – LIFE-VALO*-902

Niagara Basic Operations Instructor Led Training Course – LIFE-VALO*-904

Niagara 4 Advanced Technical Certification Program – Level 2 – LIFE-VALO*-905

Niagara 4 Analytics 2.0 Technical Certification Course – LIFE-VALO*-906

JCI FX Appliance Cloud Training – LIFE-VALO*-907

JCI 3001/3023 Optimizing CCT Programming Course – LIFE-VALO*-908

CIPer Model 30 Factory Certification – LIFE-VALO*-909

Traditional ILT Learning Opportunities

Niagara 4 Technical Certification Program – Level 1– ILT 401

Niagara 4 Operations Training– ILT 402

Niagara 4 Advanced Technical Certification Program – Level 2– ILT 403

Video Learning

Launch Pre-Recorded Video Content

Customer Hosted Learning Opportunities

Johnson Controls BACnet Configuration & Commissioning – RSD Total Control

CCT Basics OR Niagara 4 TCP Level 1 – ACR Supply

Our class sizes are manageable so that it becomes about the most important thing we have, our customers.

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